Fired Up! Inspiring Youth in Houston One School At A Time

During the month of May I had some very interesting speaking engagements. On May 6 I spoke at Glover Elementary (pictured above) located in Missouri City, Texas. I did four 20 minute sessions speaking to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. It was career day and I spoke to them about vision, goals and overcoming fear. The 3rd and 4th graders asked me questions about Libya, Malcolm X, Osama Bin Laden and President Obama. What was interesting was that the only thing the 5th graders wanted to ask me about was what music stars did I know or could "hook them up with." I wondered why the younger ones were more interested in world affairs while the older ones didn't seem interested at all in that? Although all of them said they enjoyed my presentation and the vision board I brought, their line of questioning was on two different levels. What's happening to our young people the longer they stay in public schools? Just a thought. Thank you to Ms. Janice Little Placide for the invite!

On May 11, I headed to Northeast Houston to speak at Lakewood Elementary (pictured below) to speak on "Creating a Vision and Building Character to Prepare for a Successful Tomorrow." Sounds like alot, huh? Well I did the same presentation I did at Glover except this time I spoke to all boys.

Therefore, I had a chance to address specific issues that young males face in America. Wow, we had a great dialogue. One thing that totally shocked me was when I asked them what they wanted to do in life the majority of them said join the military! Huh? Since when did it joining the armed forces become a top career choice? We've come a long way.

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