Jasiri X & Paradise Gray of 1Hood Media presents “America’s Most Livable City” series in Pittsburgh

Beginning this month, One Hood Media will debut the first of four videos addressing Pittsburgh specific issues, titled “America’s Most Livable City” on Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at the Homewood Library in Pittsburgh at 7:00 p.m. “America’s Most Livable City” highlights the city of Pittsburgh’s recent honor, despite according to the U.S. Census Bureau, having the highest rate of poverty among working age Black people in the country.

After the video premiere activist/artist Jasiri X will moderate a community based forum discussing solutions to Pittsburgh’s economic disparity. Panelists include, Bomani Howse, MBA and VP of Carnegie Mellon University, Khalid Raheem, President and CEO of the National Council of Urban Peace and Justice, Charles X. Cook, owner and operator of One on One Personal Fitness, Brandi Fisher, Chairperson of the Alliance for Police Accountability, Community Group B.T.P., and Community Activists Ayodeji Young, and Brother Bird. With four total videos and forums planned, each subsequent presentation will be followed by a discussion on solutions to issues raised in each episodic study.

Emcee and community activist Jasiri X is the creative force and artist behind the ground breaking internet news series, This Week with Jasiri X, which has garnered close to one million internet views and thousands of subscribers. His most recent and most popular video to date is “What if the Tea Party was Black”, has resulted in a variety of opportunities showcasing the singular ability of Jasiri X to adequately surmise a situation within a the confines of a verse. Jasiri X continues to travel the world opening minds via multiple speaking engagements and performances.

Paradise “The Arkitech” Gray, founding member of X-Clan and the Blackwatch Movement, is the man behind the camera responsible for framing the images that make the hip hop series so unique. Paradise’s work as an elder in the hip hop community is rivaled only by his work dedicated to issues that affect the disenfranchised of our community.

The Pittsburgh Press was made possible by a Seed Award from the Sprout Fund

If you would like more information regarding this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jasiri X or Paradise Gray please contact them at 412-404-2347 or email jasirix@gmail.com.

Download and listen to Jasiri X’s new song “America’s Most Livable City” and go to youtube.com/1hoodmedia each day to see a new segment showing Pittsburgh’s forgotten neighborhoods and young leaders working to make Pittsburgh truly livable for all.

Watch the first four parts of the “America’s Most Livable City” series below:

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