Progress is Motivating! Where Is Your Vision Board?

Guest post by Andreau Berry of Health, Finance & Resources

Have you ever set forth a goal that seemed you would get close to achieving and then obstacles would get in the way?

Well don’t get discouraged and lose sight of your goal and abandon all of your efforts. As you get closer to your goal, your commitment should deepen as you strive increasingly harder to achieve success. The obstacles should only make you want it more.

When people feel they have made positive progress towards their goals, they become more committed and motivated to continue their efforts to achieve their goals. The most important thing to remember is to keep your view of your goals bright. Perception is critical and can have the strongest negative or positive effect. If you don’t see yourself achieving your goal and succeeding, the progress that you are making will not be recognized. The appearance of your progress is what will keep you going and motivated to make your goal come to pass.

I was once told by my mentor that I needed to create a vision board. A vision board is a poster that has pictures of your dreams, people who inspire you and things that you would like to do. He has one of his own and uses it when he goes to speak at different events to inspire his audience. He told me that I really needed to create one so taking his advice I have started creating one. I find it totally motivating and as a constant reminder of my progress towards my goals. It’s amazing the impact that having a vision can have on your progress. It’s motivating!

(Andreau Berry is a young entrepreneur striving to become the best she can. Recently, she started the Health, Finance & Resources blog. Check out her site at http://msandreau.blogspot.com and follow her on Twitter @MsAndreau)


  1. Thanks Brother Jesse, for your support!!

  2. Thank you. The idea of a vision board inspired me greatly.

  3. Thank you. The idea of vision board greatly inspired me.


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