A city boy who hated the farm but has grown to love it....well, almost (smile)

Above is a photo of when I took a day trip to Pure Milk Farms in Winnie, Texas, which is owned by several male members of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston. I was greatly impressed with the work they are doing, I learned a lot and have become an avid consumer of the raw milk. It's delicious! I have also been greatly inspired by the organic garden that Brother Ray Muhammad has developed on the property of Mosque 45. My family eats produce from his garden. Like many of these brothers, I am a city boy who has grown to love the farm. Well, not as much as them. LOL! My family owned land in Wharton County when I was growing up and I honestly couldn't STAND being around those funky animals, helping to clean up around them and getting their slop on me. So even before I joined the Nation of Islam, I hated pigs. (smile) And I preferred to stay indoors playing Super Nintendo.

Regardless if we like the dirt or not, we have to start growing our own food and take the advice of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: Get Our Mouths Out of the Enemy's Kitchen. With that being said, I invite everyone to attend the NOI Southwest Region's celebration of "The Year of the Farm" that will take place on July 2-3 at Pure Milk Farms. There's a lot of activities planned and you can see more information here: http://twitpic.com/5fnndf.

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