Everything of value has a difficulty factor attached it. You can overcome!

"Everything of value has a Difficulty Factor attached to it. The greater the value, the greater the difficulty."~The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan quote


  1. As a Black doctoral candidate I find this statement to be very true. A Black man must endure a difficult journey through his life in America, especially if his journey is one of purpose. There are many intrinsic and extrinisc factors that affect our actions in this world. However, if you as a person have the undying will and desire to accomplish your goal(s) then nothing will stop you. God puts hurdles in front of you to see how hard you are willing to go, to achieve that goal. Every great person in the world has faced difficulty, it is through this ardous process one becomes enlightened and his or her goal becomes clear. You do not transform as a person through times of ease but through times of difficulty. As Fredrick Douglass stated, "Without struggle...there is no progress."

  2. Breathtaking photo! And awesome words from the anonymous post!


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