Having The Ability to Produce Leaders All Over The World

Guest Post by Willie Muhammad

Part 9 of 9

This is the ninth and final blog installment for this series which focuses on the Divine Leadership of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan. Its fitting that the ninth and final blog deals with the Hon. Louis Farrakhan’s ability to produce leaders. Just as women give birth to a child after nine months; so it is with the Hon. Louis Farrakhan as described in the Book of Revelation. The Hon. Louis Farrakhan has produced leaders all over the world. In America alone, there are men, women and youth who have assumed leadership positions in and outside of the Nation of Islam. Many have been inspired to be leaders within their respective communities, churches, organizations, social clubs, college campuses, civic offices, families and even within themselves.

In 2007 the Hon. Louis Farrakhan stepped back from leadership of the NOI and left it in the hands of a council. The print, TV and online media outlets were filled with headlines discussing the future of the NOI. Out of no where so-called experts on the NOI appeared giving their insight on the future of the NOI. One article had the headline, “Farrakhan ill, Nation of Islam future uncertain.” The writer wrote, “Those who have watched the Nation evolve over decades believe the organization—known as much for the dark suits and bow ties of its followers as for its doctrine of black supremacy—will falter without a dynamic figure like Farrakhan in charge.” Yet, within that year the council and the NOI did not miss a beat, a sign of things to come just as it is written in the opening chapters of the Book of Acts.

Interestingly, the public was made aware of the unjust surveillance of the Department of Homeland Security during the absence of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan. Their number one concern was to find out who would assume the reigns of leadership. Their Intelligence and Analysis document was titled “Nation of Islam: Uncertain Leadership Succession Poses Risk.” The mere fact that they were trying to find out who was the next in line proves that they know and bear witness to the Minister’s ability to reproduce and develop leaders.

In a letter written by the Minister to the Believers in 2006, he stated...,

"In this period of testing, you can prove to the world that the Nation of Islam is more than the charisma, eloquence and personality of Louis Farrakhan. In this period of testing, you can prove that the Nation of Islam is under-girded by an Idea that represents the Kingdom of God on Earth, an Idea that can never be uprooted, never be destroyed and can only increase its power, effect and influence over the hearts and minds of the people of the Earth. In this period of testing, you can prove that the Nation of Islam, a body of people submitting to the Will of Allah (God), is more than the physical presence of any individual, and that it will live long after I and we have gone, because it is rooted in an Idea that comes directly from Allah (God) Himself.

I will be available to give guidance in any major situation that may arise, but I would prefer that the Executive Board of the Nation of Islam help to solve the problems of the Nation, without asking me. Then, at this time of testing, it will show me that you are ready to move beyond personality to live and function on the principles that make personalities attractive."

Some may say, "He was only away from leadership for a year." To those who think this way I would only remind you that it only took the product of Yacub six months to cause hell among the Righteous and we have witnessed modern governments toppled within weeks.

Despite criticisms some may have, we passed that initial test of the absence of the Minister, which helps increase our confidence for the FINAL EXAMINATION.

(Willie Muhammad serves as the Student Minister at Muhammad Mosque No. 46 in New Orleans. Visit their website @ www.noineworleans.org)

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