Jasiri X says Pittsburgh "Ain't No Black and Yellow" [New Video]

One of my favorite rappers does it again! Check out Jasiri X's new video about the Real Pittsburgh "America's Most Livable City". This video highlights the city of Pittsburgh’s recent honor, despite according to the U.S. Census Bureau, having the highest rate of poverty among working age Black people in the United States.

In the hook, Jasiri X says "Welcome to America's Most Livable City/Please ignore the invisibles with me/See Pittsburgh rebuilt it's economy/But we still lead the Nation in black poverty."

"This is the Pittsburgh they don't show when you're watching the Steelers, the REAL Pittsburgh," says Jasiri X. And to ensure that this song is in now way an effort to start a digital beef with Wiz Khalifa, he says "We love Wiz and "Black and Yellow". No shots."

To see more footage of these poor undeserved communities and the Black Men stepping up to provide solutions go to http://www.youtube.com/1hoodmedia to view our series, "Is Pittsburgh America's Most Livable City?" You can also read a blog posted here last week about it.

Here are the links to Pittsburgh being named "America's Most Livable
City" and having the poorest black community according to the Census

America's Most Livable Cities

Regional Insights: High black poverty a shame

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