On the Grind: Thank you to Russell Simmons and GlobalGrind.com for helping me find my father

On Father's Day, Russell Simmons and the GlobalGrind.com staff posted one of the many blogs I wrote for this annual holiday and made it one of the headlines in their Hip-Hop Culture section. Many may not know, but it was on GlobalGrind.com that I publicly launched the search for my biological father on September 4, 2009. Their thousands of readers gave me so much encouragement, tips and love. I'm giving Russell and Global Grind a big shout out in my soon to be released book. You can read the blog I have posted on Global Grind at: http://globalgrind.com/hip-hop-culture/fatherless-father%E2%80%99s-day-card-photos

P.S.--Thanks Russ for tweeting it also!

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