People speaking out! The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare!

(Photo courtesy of RebuildTheDream.com)

Last week, I had the opportunity to watch the launching of the Rebuild The Dream Movement led by Van Jones and MoveOn.org. As some of you may know, Van Jones is a global human rights and clean-energy economy activist who served as the green jobs advisor in the Obama Administration in 2009.

I remember my first grade teacher, at Fonwood Elementary, would tell us that the American Dream consisted of growing up, getting a good education, securing a good paying job, being married with children, having a house with the white picket fence and retiring to let the government take care of you. Today, it seems like attaining those things has become a nightmare like the video “Thriller” by the late Michael Jackson. However, this is not a movie; it is becoming a real life horror. Will it get better or worse? Sure, many people will say we’re better off here than other nations, but life in this country has become so gloomy for many with the present economy, unemployment and displeasure with government. Poverty, hunger and homelessness still plague this nation like some Third World countries, while we continue to spend billions on wars.


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