Anger erupts over fatal shooting of youth by San Francisco police

Let me forewarn you: The videos circulating on the Internet regarding the shooting death of 19-year-old Kenneth Harding are EXTREMELY graphic and sickening. But you must see this and pass it on. Click Here To View It.

What in the world happened? According to a report by Charlene Muhammad in the recent edition of The Final Call Newspaper, "when two officers stopped Kenneth Harding asking him about paying a fare on a Municipal Railway (Muni) train, he ran away. Officers claim he fired a gun at them and in return, they shot back. But according to some witnesses, the victim had no weapon and the only shots fired came from the direction of the officers. There was no justification for police shooting the young man approximately 10 times in the back and neck, they charge."

“My concern preliminarily is that law enforcement appears to have a shoot first policy when it comes to young Black and Brown men,” said Student Minister Christopher Muhammad of Mosque No. 26 in San Francisco. Mr. Muhammad further told The Final Call he is disturbed by apparent newspaper and police attempts to spin facts of the incident and demonize Mr. Harding by drumming up his past criminal record. But that is a routine tactic used to sway public opinion to justify police actions, he said.


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  1. What is going on out here? Do police have any marksman training? im sure there's plenty of places to shoot someone without killing them. Does it really take 10 shots? Who are the lawyers in these cases & are they skilled enough to uncover the truth?

    I fear of what karma this brings on the officers who have murdered anyone of any color in cold blood un justified action.

    To some effect I remember 2pac expressing the fact that we as a people & most of the hip hop generation isnt ready for a revolution. So much anger in hip hop is directed in the wrong direction (ourselves) instead of these terrible tragedies.


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