A Creative Pause for the Cause: Check out David Sha's Yes Yes Y'all (Official Video)

Here's your Creative Pause for the Cause. Check out Houston's own David Sha's latest video for his song "Yes Yes Y'all". Real talk, David Sha is one of the BEST live performers I've ever seen and his sound is dynamic. David Sha brings a refreshing mix of philosophical spirituality and vivid urban truth to an industry lacking much substance. My avid readers know that I rarely post music artist but trust me, David Sha is The Truth! I saw this video today and I had to post it. "Yes Yes Yall" is the 2nd Single from the upcoming album Ugly. If you like what you hear, the download is available here. Click below to watch the video and let me know what you think!

Bonus Video: Carverdale (She's Alright)

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