I just couldn't help it....American Police Brutality At Its Finest

(Blogger's Note: Ok..sooo...After watching and posting Jasiri X's latest video on about Jordan Miles this week, I just couldn't help myself. Yes, I had to blog something. I wrote this one for The Houston Chronicle....we going in!)

I will never forget the first time I saw these two images of Jordan Miles of Pittsburgh. It was heartbreaking and angered me. Who would do something like this to him? Answer: The Police.

On January 12, 2010, at approximately 11:00pm, Jordan was headed to his grandmother’s home around the corner from his mother’s home when he was suddenly ambushed by three White plain-clothed Pittsburgh police officers who were posted up on the street in an unmarked car.

I had the opportunity to interview this young man and his mother last year for a story. In the conversation with Jordan, he told me all three men jumped out of the car without identifying themselves and shouted “Where’s the gun, where’s the money, where’s the drugs?” That’s when Jordan began to flee because he thought he was about to be robbed.

He said “I took off running and slipped on the icy ground. That was the last time I was on my feet. I never fought back because I thought I was going to be killed. At this point I still didn’t know these were officers but they started beating me while smashing my face into the snow. One of the hits came from a metal object and that’s when blood gushed from my head into the snow.”

Before you jump to conclusions, Jordan is not a drug dealer or troublemaker. Jordan was a senior honor roll student at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 School at that time. He played the viola as a member of both the CAPA symphony and the jazz band. He’s a law-abiding citizen whose record has been clean.

“While on the ground I was saying the Lord’s Prayer silently and they would say “shut up” and beat me more. I thought I was going to be abducted but when a marked cop car came on the scene that’s when I found out these were undercover cops,” he said. Jordan was taken into the county jail, where he was bleeding unceasingly and left untreated. He spent nearly 24 hours before finally being released to his worrying mother.

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