Marriage and family are essential to the survival of any people and any nation.

by Willie Muhammad

I’m back! Once again I have been blessed with the opportunity by Brother Jesse, to appear as a guest blogger on his award winning blog. Last time, I penned a series of articles about the Divine leadership qualities of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. This time, we will do a four part series that will focus on marriage and family.

Marriage and family are ESSENTIAL to the survival of any people and any nation. When these two areas are weak, so will be the people. There is an African proverb that says, “The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.” At the push of a button we can find numerous statistics, research studies and historical examples which bear witness to the truth of this proverb. Ruin is defined as to destroy, total destruction or disintegration of, either morally, physically, socially or economically.

The major disintegration that is taking place in the homes today is the disintegration of that sacred union between a man and a woman described as marriage. Sociologists report that the divorce rate is 50% and climbing. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan once said that divorce is an indicator of a moral decline. So anything done to help strengthen marriage/family, helps us live more moral lives. Satan is the only beneficiary of an immoral society. This is why marriage/family as an idea and institution is under attack. Children born out of wedlock is widely accepted, there is a strong wave to sanction same sex marriages, and loose relationships based on free sex is promoted via every media known to humanity. Even the definition of what a wife is being subtly attacked. For example, some of the popular reality shows that are based upon “wives” have women who are NOT married. During many of the episodes the women are slandering, backbiting or fighting one of their cast members. What messages are being communicated about women? They are desperate, foul mouthed, messy, envious and jealous. This attack does not come as a surprise, because the first attack of the Devil in the Bible was against family/marriage and the last Book of the Bible closes with him trying to destroy the woman.

With this series we intend to have entries that will focus on the following topics 1) Relationship Essentials 2) Marriage Maintenance 3) The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Spouse 4) The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Family.

We pray that the material that is shared during this series helps us to grow stronger in our commitment to God, our mates and our families. If it does it will help us accomplish what the Honorable Louis Farrakhan stated in a lecture about marriage and family, “…if we want a strong Nation, then we must produce strong men and women with strong commitment to each other through the institution of marriage.” I would like to close with the following statistics that show that If U.S. Family Structure Was as Strong Today as It Was in 1970:

643,000 fewer children each year would fail a grade at school
1,040,000 fewer children each year would be suspended from school
531,000 fewer children each year would need psychotherapy
453,000 fewer children each year would be involved in violence
515,000 fewer children each year would be cigarette smokers
179,000 fewer children each year would consider suicide
71,000 fewer children each year would attempt suicide

It’s time for us to REVERSE the ruin! First entry, is coming soon.

(Student Minister Willie Muhammad is the New Orleans representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam. Follow him on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/BroWM46)


  1. Thank you for writing this Brother Jesse. Without a doubt you are 1000% on point beloved. Without a solid family we have no solid foundation or base for power that can effectively extend to the community. Ultimately we would all benefit more if we could achieve that Supreme Unity through Marriage.

    I can't wait to read what you write next.

  2. AWESOME!! Can't wait to read the series.

  3. ASA, family this is a powerful blog, and we should take heed. The Minister has given us a tool to use; called dianetics to help rid us of the blockages that stand in our way of being successful. If we want a strong family and nation we must find ourselves doing those things that will help us accomplish our goals.

    We need the positive reinforcements keep these articles coming. Right now at this point I am not married, but in the near future if it be the will of Allah plan to be...information such as this is crucial.

    Allah bless.

  4. @Calvin This is a series by Brother Willie Muhammad. I'm not the author of this! :-) Please spread it!

  5. Marriage works by loving the right person enough to make the right choices as you do so.

    Orange County marriage and family counselor


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