Stop Whining, Already! It’s Really Not As Bad As It Seems

Photo by Shay Malden
If whining was money, we all would be rich.

Every day we wake up we either choose to whine about our problems or find a way to overcome them. Sure, everyone has days when we’re feeling off, down, and blue.

The only way to avoid having problems is to not be born at all. Life is full of problems. Welcome to the club. The difficulties we face aren’t meant for us to fold up, give up or make us bitter. They are actually placed in our path to make us better—when they are properly handled.

If you’re channeling all of your mental powers toward whining about things, then you’re missing out on the ultimate electrical energy that can be generated by meeting the problems head on. Take on that challenge now! Don’t shy from it. Don’t be a coward.

No matter if it is your relationship, money, home, car, job, children, business, or health, all problems can be mastered with the right attitude.

Instead of praying and wishing for a lighter load, embrace the opportunity to develop a stronger back. Stand up and stop whining. You can’t get rich by whining but you can by winning. Get Rich, or Whine Trying (Smile)

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  1. This is one of the main reasons we should refuse to listen to others whine in our presence. Its contagious and toxic. Sure theres a cure but why not be pro active than re active.


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