Embrace the Process: The Process is What Drives the Results

We're living in a shortcut culture society where a lot of people want to get to the finished product by skipping over the necessary process. We devalue the process and want something handed to us on a silver platter. In this scene from the original Karate Kid, Daniel is upset with Mr. Miyagi ordering him to "wax on" and "wax off", sand the floor, paint the fence and the house when he is supposed to be learning karate. Mr. Migayi tells Daniel "everything is not what it seems" then shows him the connection between what he was doing for him versus what he thought was being done to him. This same lesson is mirrored in the latest version of Karate Kind starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chang with "jacket on" and jacket off". Today's Lesson: The process will pay off in the end. Embrace the process because it is what drives the results

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