F.O.I. of the Southwest Region: Building Brotherhood and Hitting the Streets!

by Jesse Muhammad

NEW ORLEANS--With a focus on becoming better helpers to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in the mission of resurrecting the mentally dead, the Fruit of Islam in the Southwest Region convened in the Crescent City for a day of inspiring words and work.

“There is nothing like being a FOI. This is the army of God. To save our people you have to know how to take plenty and then take more,” said Student Regional Minister Robert Muhammad during his keynote address. “We have to recruit, retain, reproduce, and repeat that process.”

Men journeyed from cities in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana to take part in the highly spirited meeting hosted at Muhammad Mosque No. 46. For some, it was their first time seeing the mosque since it was remodeled post-Hurricane Katrina.

Local Student Captain Jason Muhammad welcomed everyone to the city and was followed by presenters who spoke on various topics. Eric Muhammad spoke on the significance of prayer and Monroe Muhammad emphasized the importance of going into the community with The Final Call newspaper.

“We have to take this spirit back to our cities and knock on some doors with The Final Call. Give the people a spiritual credit report of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” said Bro. Monroe.

Other speakers and topics included Student Minister Willie Muhammad (Marriage), Dr. Akili Muhammad (Health), Darrell Muhammad (Financial Empowerment), Durce Muhammad (FOI Etiquette), and Bryan Muhammad (Dianetics).

Everyone then grabbed their bundles of Final Call papers and went out in unity to various housing projects mapped out by local Student First Officer Mujahid Muhammad. The brothers knocked on doors, invited people to the local mosque, performed drill movements and brought smiles to the faces of residence before returning to the mosque for the final portion of the June 25 assembly.

“It’s always good to see strong Black men coming out here to be role models for our young boys. It really makes me feel good,” resident Barbara Gillard told The Final Call as she watched the F.O.I. knocking on the doors of her neighbors.

Student Regional Captain Stephen Muhammad encouraged the brothers to worker harder, tighten the brotherhood and become even more disciplined soldiers. He then gave out awards to acknowledge the hard work of many brothers from mosques and study groups in the region. Each recipient delivered a short passionate acceptance speech as their fellow brothers cheered them on. The day ended with dinner being served by sisters of the M.G.T. & G.C.C. class.

(This story originally appeared in The Final Call Newspaper Vol. 30. No. 45 dated August 16, 2011)

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