Minister Farrakhan emphasizes proper reading and education: "To be critical thinkers we must also be critical readers."

On August 4-6, Muhammad University of Islam hosted its 4th Annual National Education Challenge Conference in Chicago. Workshops and special sessions featured Dr. Ava Muhammad, Professor Griff of Public Enemy, Dr. Conrad Worrill, Dr. Anthony Muhammad, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Dr. Khalilah T. Muhammad, Dr. Abdul Pitre, Mr. Chike Akua, The Nation of Islam Historical Research Department and more. More details will appear in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered the closing keynote address on August 6. The program featured other speakers as well as the annual Web-A-Thon to raise funds for Muhammad University. Myself and others did live tweeting during the program with hashtag #MUI2011.

"Our greatness can never manifest until we learn how and what to read. And why reading is required of all," said Minister Farrakhan. "There is no such thing as retirement from reading or studying. To be critical thinkers we must also be critical readers."

To the teachers, Minister Farrakhan said "I don't care what you know. If you can't reach the mind of your student, then you have failed as a teacher! Don't worry about the curriculum first. First, worry about giving them the mind to achieve the curriculum. You're not a good teacher unless you can produce masters out of what you're trying to teach."

To view the full replay of the education conference program click here.

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