Notice, Know This, Otis: Chuck D Gives A Respectful Call To Jay-Z, Kanye and the Troops.

The music world has been buzzing with the latest song "Otis" released by Jay-Z and Kanye West--a single from their highly-anticipated album "Watch The Throne." On his Aug. 1st birthday, Hip-Hop legend Chuck D released the above video. "This is a polite respect call to the troops, to continue to inspire but reflect the people better. OTIS Redding was a humble country man from Macon Georgia who bought a jet to work in, not flash. He perished in that plane. Heres to hoping that the J & K supergroup can elevate the masses and try a little bit more to reflect OTIS heart rather than swag, because they're too good to be less," said Chuck D via the YouTube page. Naturally, he received opposition for this video and the media twisted it. Chuck responded to people via his Twitter page. This video really needs no blog explanation but this is not a diss, this is guidance from a pioneer who has earned the right to critique. Press play.


  1. Chuck on some Dark Knight Returns.

  2. *CLASSIC* Mistachuck. Advanced Melanic Cybonics.


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