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In Worlds Tallest Tower Muslims Delay Breaking Ramadan Fast 

(AP) Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Muslims living in the world’s tallest builder will have to wait even longer to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Mohammad al-Qiubiasi, Dubai’s top Muslim cleric, said Sunday that Buri Khalifa residents living above the 80tth floor should wait two additional minutes before breaking their fast while those above the 150th floor must wait three extra minutes because they will be able to see the sun longer than those on the ground. The half-mile high tower has 160 habitable floors. This decree is similar to those relating to Muslims traveling on airplanes, and harkens to a time when people living in the mountains broke their fast after those at lower levels.

Tripoli Residents Break Fast By Candlelight 

Ahramonline reports that in Libya’s capital city Tripoli, “Ahmad and his family stocked up on food for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.” But with daily power shortages, in the war torn capital city means supplies are rotting in the freezer.” Tripoli resident have complained about petrol shortages for weeks. In addition the power shortages have resulted in limited access to water. “This is excruciating during Ramadan when observant Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk before families get together for the Iftar sunset meals, a time to socialize and give thanks,” reported Ahramonline. Ahmad who refused to give his surname told the online publication, “Since the start of Ramadan we have been breaking the fast by candlelight. We can live without air conditioning but not without fridge.” Generally Tripoli residents receive water a few hours a week that is stored in tanks on the roof, with a pump system to ensure a steady flow inside the home But with the power cuts the pumps don’t work and thus the faucet remain dry. In addition the cost for cooking gas has shoot through the roof. Blame this on the rebels who have sabotaged Tripoli’s access to its only refinery by pouring cement into one of the valves that feeds into the pipeline that leads to the refinery. Also blame the NATO alliances aim “to create a humanitarian crises in Libya,” by assisting the rebels seize an oil tanker laden with 37,000 tons of petrol. The tanker scheduled to remove some of the hardships faced by Tripoli residents now docks in the rebel-held port of Benghazi.

Ramadan In The New Sudan 

The holy month of Ramadan, reports Islam Online is celebrated in a festive atmosphere across the states of Sudan; it is both an Islamic an a cultural event. During the month the capital city of Khartoum becomes a harbinger of spirituality that merges with African culture and traditions. Islam Online reports: With many citizens making a living on the road, such as amjaad (rental cab) drivers, sometimes the heat take a toil on them. “I work fewer hours during the day in Ramadan, there is less work anyway,” remarked amjaad driver Khalifa, while speaking to the online publication. I have no air conditioning in my car, and the traffic gets hectic during the day. That’s why I prefer to work at night, right after taraweeh prayer,” he added. Co-founder of “To Sudan with Love,” Enas Suleiman told Islam Online, That her charity organization “this year… is targeting needy families in various rural areas. These families will receive hampers consisting of food essentials like flour, sugar and dates, Should we surpass our target during this blessed month inshallah (God willing) our team and kind volunteers are ready to cover more ground for additional hamper distributions and deliver packaged iftars (breaking fast meals) to mosques, hospitals and other rural areas. We are grateful to Allah and are humbly hoping to be the center that connects the right hand of the more privileged to the left hand of those who aren’t especially during the month of giving,” she added.

Indulge Wisely & In Moderation During Ramadan 

The Middle East online publication Albawaba.com reports: Offering healthy and creative solutions to satisfy the dessert cravings that people often experience during Ramadan, Nestle culinary experts have teamed up with Nestle nutritionists to develop light versions of the most popular traditional and international dessert recipes with the same loved taste. Alone with the light recipes, nutritionists added nutrition tips for a wiser indulgence this Ramadan. Consumers across the Middle East Looking for innovative ways to prepare healthy dessert delights can access the Ramadan recipes – ranging from delicious Arabic sweets to oce creams, cakes and shakes, all made with Nestle’s fate-free sweetened condensed milk – by logging on to the Nestle’ Desserts Arabia page on Facebook. Commenting on trhe recipes, Zeinab Maktabi, nutritionist at Nestle’ Middle East said, “In a healthy and balanced diet, one doesn’t have to eliminate desserts. What really counts is the quality and the quantity of the food you consume; by following a light recipe and by practicing portion control and moderation you can indulge in your favorite desserts without worrying about packing on the pounds.”

Profiteering (ribar in Arabic) Is Denounced By Gambian President 

AllAfrica.com reports that the president of the Republic of Gambia has denounced profiteering, known in Arabic as ‘ribar’ by traders bent on hiking prices of basic commodities, especially during the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan. His Excelleny Sheikh Professor Alhaji Yahya Jammeh was speaking… at the State House grounds in Banjul, while distributing over 12,000 bags of sugar as Ramadan gifts to people all over the country. The Gambian leader condemned profiteering by traders, saying “ribar” is something that is “haram” (Arabic word meaning forbidden). The president pointed out that even without Ramadan, profiteering is condemned, stressing that such a practice will never take anyone to heaven.

Fasting Was Prescribed On Those Before Them 

According to Muslim leader Oussama Jammal. Muslims believe that fasting was prescribed on those before them. In Christianity and Judaism, people also fasted, and it is part of their religion and therefore their fasting is no different than what the other prophets have exercised and practices. And of course this is something you do to get closer to God. Read the whole story: http://tinleypark.patch.com/articles/mosque-leader-explains-ramadan-you-feel-what-hunger-means-2

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