Steve Harvey apologizes to West & Smiley for calling them Uncle Toms

As you read last week, in one of the guest blogs here by Dawud Walid, popular Black comedian Steve Harvey used the term “Uncle Tom” in referring to Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s Poverty Bus Tour on the airwaves. Harvey even stated that West and Smiley must be paid by outside interests to afford the bus tour. Today, I was notified by Dawud, via Twitter, that Harvey issued an apology to West and Smiley. I went over to Harvey's site to first listen to it. According to Harvey it was in actually a "joke" that got out of hand and circulated everywhere. 

"See, they took this all over the Internet and I know they won't put the apology on the Internet because the apology is never as big as the accusation," said Harvey. "In retrospect, I probably really should not have called these men 'Uncle Tom'--even in jest....Now I do happen to still very much disagree with what there stand is with the President. I am in total opposition..I want to apologize to these two men for referring to them as members of the UTLOO, the Uncle Tom Look Out Organization, which I was doing as a joke. But joke or not, I want to apologize to Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for taking my airspace to say something like that." [Listen to the full apology above]

Takes a big man or woman to apologize and I respect Harvey for still sticking to his stance as far as the President is concern. I remember a few weeks ago, someone asked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan via Twitter what he thought about Cornel West's critique of President Obama. Minister Farrakhan tweeted the response: "All public officials can be criticized but it should never be personal with vitriol. Only deal with principle."

Let's continue to stick to the principles.

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