2-Cent flips T. Pain's "Booty Work" song to promote education and "School Work"

(Photo: The talented 2-Cent group)

I greatly admire this New Orleans-based group of talented giants. That's why I have continuously supported them on my blog. 2-Cent is a collaborative effort of creative and comedic men and women. They all posses the innate ability to convey humor and urgency toward issues that plague not only New Orleans, but the entire country. 2-Cent is known as a "PBS documentary, an SNL skit and an In Living Color spoof all rolled into one."

They are straight up hilarious while providing edutainment and they have gained a loyal following. I'm one of them!  In their latest premiere, 2-Cent flips T. Pain's "Booty Work" song to promote education in the song "School Work." Check out the video, share it with others and visit their website @ http://2-cent.com. Video link: http://youtu.be/Yc3dqWfN0LQ

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  1. ASA Brother Jesse!

    Thank you for sharing this video! Finally something positive related to education that is catchy and without the "bleeps" from profanity!

    Sister Ebony


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