Empowering The Students: Male Initiative Kicks Off At MacArthur High School

With the assistance of administrators at MacArthur High School, the Young Male Initiative Program officially kicked off this month. The idea started with Brother Durce Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston, who desired to bring several presenters inside the school to teach young men about various aspects of life. From now until December, a different speaker will talk every Wednesday about their field of endeavor, how they overcame life's challenges and tools necessary for these young men to achieve excellence.

On today, the featured speaker was master plumber Victor X, who moved to the city four years ago from Minnesota. He spoke real talk to the young students about how one bad decision as a 19 year old landed him in jail for several years. He also shared with them how he was able to overcome that to now becoming a successful entrepreneur. I can't wait to see the other presenters! I am honored to be one of those chosen to speak in the month of October. Thank you to MacArthur High for having us.

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  1. What a great effort, we should keep as many kids out the jails and problems.


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