Humbling: Thank you Family, Friends, Twitter Peeps and Facebook Connects for the Birthday Love!

On September 4, I was blessed to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of my birth. It's a blessing to see another year. I thank Allah (God) for using my mother, Mavis Jackson, and my late father, Joe McCray, Jr., to bring me forth. Today I honor them because they did all of the work in me being born in 1978. (smile) The picture above is them back in the day at the old Touchdown Club that mother ran for my Uncle James. Don't they look beautiful together?

I want to personally thank ALL of my friends on Twitter and Facebook for posting and sending me countless birthday wishes all day long. All of the messages inspired me to strive harder to be a better servant of the people with my gifts and talents, every day that Allah blesses me to see. THANK YOU ALL! MAY YOU ALL CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED

Two other things also made this day significant. It was two years ago, Sept. 4, 2009, that I embarked on an unforgettable journey to find out who my real biological father is. I found out Joe is/was my father. He's not here, but I found my two uncles, Larry and Curly, an aunt, cousins and more of his family. My mother is happy and so am I. My uncles shared with me that my grandfather, Joe McCray, Sr., passed away on Sept. 4 in the late 50's. I saw a picture of him and they told me how hardworking he was as a provider for the family. So, Sept. 4 has a lot of memories attached to it.

Did I party a little? I hadn't celebrated my birthday much in my adult years but for the past two years, my eldest brother Edward and I hosted a joint gathering. His birthday is on Sept. 8th. This year our cousin Quida, who is a doctor in Tennessee, made it a threesome since her birthday is on Sept. 18. We had an epic family gathering on Saturday, Sept. 3 hosted by my Aunt Beverly and cousin Tamara. Thank you to them and to everyone who came by to show some love. Family time is always a jewel. One of the biggest surprises was my dear brother Hannibal Muhammad and his family coming to town unannounced for the party! Brother Hannibal is my boy!!!!!

[Me, Quida and Edward at Bday Bash 2011]
I've heard it stated many times that the two most important days in a person's life is the day they are born and the day they find out the purpose for their existence. So, I must close out this blog by thanking my spiritual father, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, for guiding me into a purpose-driven life that has allowed me to touch people in ways I never imagined. He once told me in a phone conversation "Keep doing what you're doing. Take it to the next level and then take it to the max!"

On that note....back to work.

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