Public Policy Matters: Too Much at Stake to Play Games

by Robert Muhammad

There are four groups of people in Houston. Those who oppose Mayor Parker because of her sexual orientation; those who oppose her policies on principle; those who oppose her because of her sexual orientation, but use public policy as the reason; and, those who trust the voters' choice, but are disappointed in the way Mayor Parker has implemented her policies.

 In truth, liars, drunkards, adulterers, fornicators, murderers, and thieves have occupied the mayor's seat in Houston. Yet, we seemed to have gotten along just fine in the past. What is so different now? Some view the mayor's sexual orientation as sinful and therefore, we have brought God's wrath upon this city. Really? Well there is a born again, evangelical governor in Austin who is running for president. How do you explain the statewide drought and wildfires? Is the state cursed? Certainly your not suggesting he is gay or sinful are you? Why didn't his prayer rally at the Reliant Dome in Houston produce rain and end the drought? In fact, it got so hot afterward, it set a new record. Is God listening to anybody today?

For the record, I don't have to agree with Mayor Parker's sexual orientation to engage in intelligent dialogue about public policy issues. Public safety, community development, economic development, health and human services, transportation, and public works are functions of government that affect all of the citizens of Houston. There is too much at stake to play games with the future of this city. Yes, morality matters. But it is hypocritical to strain at the gnat of Ms. Parker's sexual orientation, while swallowing the camel of cutbacks in education and health care, mass incarceration of our youth, tax breaks for the rich, while increasing "fees" on the middle class. Stop the foolishness. Lets get down to business.

(Robert Muhammad serves as the Houston-based Student Southwest Regional Minister of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He is an Urban Planner and the host of Connect the Dots Radio Show. Tune in to Connect the Dots every Wednesday from 3-4 PM CST on KPFT 90.1 FM or live stream via the web at http://www.kpft.org/.)

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