Supreme Kutz Barbershop: A triumph in Katrina's aftermath

William Muhammad cutting hair in his new barbershop in Houston

by Jesse Muhammad

HOUSTON (FinalCall.com) - It is a hot Sunday afternoon and Supreme Kutz Barbershop is extremely crowded on a day that it is normally closed. The new school year is starting and master barber William Muhammad is giving away free haircuts to the children in the community.

“It's always a good feeling to do something for the community. They have shown me so much love since I opened up the shop,” Mr. Muhammad toldThe Final Call as he cut one of the many heads awaiting their opportunity to sit in his chair.

The shop is situated on the 7200 block of Scott St. adjacent to several housing projects, fast food spots and convenience stores in the predominately Black Third Ward area. The thing that makes this shop unique is that six years ago Mr. Muhammad and his family lost everything when Hurricane Katrina flooded the city of New Orleans—including his barbershop that was called Original Man Barbershop.

“We left New Orleans the day before the storm hit and headed here to Houston. We returned to our home in October when they opened up the city back and found 10-feet of water in our home. My barbershop was flooded too. We lost all we had,” said Mr. Muhammad, a father of six who has been married to his wife Cassandra for seven years.

Miraculously, he said the only item that was not destroyed in their home was a framed picture that bore the images of Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. “When I looked at that picture, I knew then that we would be fine and that Allah was going to get us through this. In the picture, Minister Farrakhan is playing the violin so seeing their faces was music to my ears,” he said.


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