First Two Days in Philadelphia: Million Man March Anniversary Kicks off in the City of Brotherly Love

On Thursday, October 6, my plane landed in Philadelphia for the first. I'm here to join thousands in the 16th Anniversary Commemoration of the Million Man March. Hard to believe I was 17 years old when those nearly two million Black men came together in the spirit of love and unity at the call of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Well, we're here in Philly to rekindle that spirit!

My first day here I was able to catch a few of the sites including the famous Rocky Balboa statue as well as the Philadelphia Museum steps Sylvester Stallone ran up when he was getting prepared for his fight against Apollo Creed. Did I run up the steps? Nope! But I did yell "Adriaaaaaan" one time.

On Friday, October 7, which was the anniversary of the birth of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we all came together for a beautiful jummah prayer service led by Imam Abdul Malik. He spoke strong! In the evening, I was among those invited to a private reception hosted by Minister Farrakhan. The purpose of the reception was to honor those who helped to mobilize an estimated 200,000 men to the march in 1995 as well as those who helped to organize this year's celebration. Minister Farrakhan spoke for about 30 minutes. "We're dropping degree by degree into the abyss of savagery. We prey on one another instead of praying for one another..I pray that we can be champions in making our people whole again..We don't need fancy words. We need straight talk," he said.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of the weekend! More blogs and photos coming soon.

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  1. APDTA !!! I must say that I am excited and on The Bus. You should of ran or jogged up all those stairs...Lol it's good exercise.....well back to enjoying the view until we reach Philly....inshaAllah.....continue to have a blessed day...............The Holy Day of Atonement


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