GlobalGrind.com Blog: "The Good Of Gadhafi. Yes, The Good."

by Brother Jesse

The media has a keen ability in making a good man look wicked and a wicked man look good. Sadly, most of us as American citizens readily embrace what we see and hear on television and on the Internet without doing further investigation. Some of us mock or tease others who jump on the bandwagon after a certain team wins a championship yet in our hypocrisy we allow this government’s opinion of world leaders to give us our full perspective on them—even if it is outright lies.

Therefore, we have continuously jumped on America’s bandwagon. Sorry to disappoint you, but many of us can’t go along with it. Never have, never will.There is a long list of good works that was done by Muammar Gadhafi that we have chosen to ignore and has been underreported. Yes, good works.

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  1. My Brother Jesse! You Are Always letting the people Know what Time it IS. The Revolution is NOW. As SalaamuAlaikum sir


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