Twitter Giants Series: One-on-one with Life Coach Stephanie Alva of My Life Keys


(Blogger's Note: This is the launching of Brother Jesse Blog's Twitter Giants Series. For the next two weeks I will be posting interviews with various people who inspire me with their unique messages on Twitter. The series kicks off with Stephanie Alva of Atlanta, Georgia. I've been following her on Twitter and even had the honor of meeting her in person last year during one of my speaking tours. She's a Certified Life Coach and Founder of My Life Keys, a successful life coaching business.)

Brother Jesse Muhammad (BJ): While growing up, what did you aspire to be? 

Stephanie Alva (SA): Initially I had the grand idea that I wanted to be a Lawyer and an R&B Super Star. But then someone came along and told me that it was impossible so I decided I wanted to be an Anchor Woman, initially focused on the news and eventually growing into being a Sports Anchor and Broadcast Journalist. One thing that never changed was my desire to help and interact with people around the world.

BJ: When did you decide you wanted to become a certified life coach? Did you have to go to college to get that certification? 

SA: I was given the vision to become a Life Coach two years ago after quitting my job of 13 years as a Service Representative for a major telecommunications company. I didn't really know what a Life Coach was but after quitting my job, I did a 7 day mental cleanse and retreat and on the 4th day, God blessed me with the idea as well as my company, My Life Keys, and the majority of the things you see me doing today. It is not mandatory to be certified as a Life Coach but I felt that it was important to go through the certification process so I did. I graduated at the top of my class from Coach Training Alliance.

BJ: What gave birth to the name My Life Keys? 

SA: As I mentioned briefly earlier, I was given the idea for my career and company on the 4th day of a fast that I did. Spirit woke me up at 7am on November 22, 2009 and all of these amazing ideas just came pouring into my mind. I grabbed a pad of Post It notes and I fervently wrote down everything I heard in my mind and Spirit. There were 17 things on that list and I'm proud to say that I've manifested 15 out of the 17 things in the last 22 months. We each carry within us all of the knowledge that is required to fulfill our life’s purpose and live the life of our dreams. But as we learn negative behaviors from those around us growing up and have experiences throughout our lives, we forget who we really are and the kind of power that lives within us. It's like we lose the keys to our treasures. It's my job as a Life Coach to help you find those keys and remember your creative power. My Life Keys was a gift to me and I am honored to be the steward of it.
BJ: How have you used Twitter effectively in the services you offer to people? 

SA: One of the ideas that came to me during that fast was, "Start a Twitter account and send out positive affirmations and quotes daily." Originally I had no idea why I was supposed to do that. I simply did it because I felt that it was a piece of the puzzle I was creating and because it felt so amazing to wash Twitter with positivity and life! It was me sharing my gift with others on Twitter that manifested my very first paying Client. I have received a lot of clientele from Twitter and Facebook. It is an effective tool when used properly. As a matter of fact, my Teacher/Mentor Coach was so impressed with the way I utilized Twitter, that he now uses my Twitter accounts to give his students as an example of how to effectively utilize social networking to build your business. I was quite honored by that!

BJ: You tweet a lot of quotes. What is one quote you strive to live by everyday?

SA: "You are worthy of love simply because you breathe." This is one of my quotes that I truly do map my life out to. When you release the idea that your talents, actions, looks, money, etc are the reason that you are worthy of love or the reason that people should/do love you, you remember who you really are. You are a perfect piece of God walking the face of the earth. There is nothing that you need to do, give, be, or have in order to be worthy of love from people or God. Simply breathing is reason enough. There is freedom in that knowledge so I live my life by it every day

(For more information on Stephanie Alva Follow @Stephanie_Alva and @MyLifeKeys. Also visit http://www.mylifekeys.com)

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  1. Wonderful! I am inspired by Stephanie Alva daily & I thank the Universe that she decided to live in her purpose!


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