Twitter Giants Series: One-on-one with radio personality Skyy

(Blogger's Note: The Twitter Giants Series continues with Lady Skyy. She promotes positivity on Twitter. Skyyhook Radio is international online radio, dedicated to up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B artists. I still remember the day she launched her new website. She's a woman on a mission and one to watch. Here's our one-on-one.)

Brother Jesse Muhammad (BJ): Where were you born and growing up what did you aspire to be?

Skyy: I was born on an Air Force Base outside of Dayton, Ohio called Wright Patterson AFB. When I was little I really wanted to either be a Writer or an Actress! Being an only child requires an active imagination! (laughs) As a little girl, I was in my room day dreaming A LOT!

BJ: How did you get started in radio? Do you think it is your purpose?

Skyy: I was walking by the campus radio station at my Alma Mater, and noticed a sign that was asking for Independent Music submissions. It got me to thinking I could possibly get some music that I had been working on aired. Then I thought about possibly getting my friends played as well. At that point, I noticed a sign that said they needed DJ's. That changed everything, because I realized that if I was the DJ, I could play anything that I wanted! But it got deeper for me than just playing my music or my friends' music. After a lot of thought I envisioned what it would be like if I was able to help independent artists get played period, regardless of if I knew them or not. I think my purpose is to lend voice to those who may not have the means or the ability to be heard on their own. So, I would say, that Skyyhook Radio is a tool in that mission.

BJ: What is the focus of Skyyhook Radio? 

Skyy: The focus of Skyyhook Radio is to allow artists from around the world to have a place to be heard. We showcase independent artists as well as show love to the legends that we grew up on. I absolutely love the fact that you may hear a song that you used to love, followed by a song by an artist that you've never heard before, followed by a song in a language you don't even speak! (Laughs) It's a crazy mix of everything just like us, and I wouldn't have it any other way!                                                                                 

BJ: What sets it apart from others on the airwaves? 

Skyy: I guess I would have to say that we are honest. Sometimes brutally honest! (laughs) But honest all the same. We don't have major corporate sponsors to answer to or to pretend for. We do as we see fit, and we are proud of that. We support mom and pop as far as sponsorship goes and I personally am proud of this because I don't think they get a fair shake when it comes to advertising opportunities on urban radio. I also feel we are different because we stay in our lane, and do what we do best. We don't try to copy others or blend in. We respect the other guys for what they do, but we leave that to them. They don't need us to mimic them and we enjoy just being us! It works out for everyone!

BJ: Why did you start using Twitter and what is your aim in using this social networking platform? 

Skyy: Wow, that is actually a funny story. I hated the idea of getting on twitter! (laughs) I was mortified at the idea of just typing my random thoughts throughout the day and posting them on social media. My cousin Seven, the marketing genius, kept saying, "You'll be fine, I promise!" He set up the account and to my dismay, he forced me to try it out. I thought, these people are going to see what a complete random cornball I am, and they won't care about anything I have to say. Funny how wrong you can be! I found a home on twitter! It was great to see other people who were a lot like me. I mean that they were random not cornballs! But it's been thanks to twitter that my squad has grown the way that it has. My team is stronger because of the influence of twitter and other social media. The aim of using the platform is to let people know what artists we are digging, what topics we are discussing on the various programs and really just to get the word out that we are out here and making moves that people may be interested in checking out. I also have a crazy group of friends that I keep track of through twitter. So the aim is multi-faceted!

BJ: What is the most important ingredient to you in being successful? 

Skyy: I think there are a few ingredients actually. You must remain humble at all times. It's important to realize that there are others that have walked the path before you, as well as those who are going to follow in your footsteps, so you must be able to take advice as well as give it out. I think you need to be able to laugh at yourself. There is going to come a time when others have a laugh at your expense, so you had better be able to get a few hee hee hee's at yourself as well. That way they are laughing with you, not at you. And be sure to surround yourself with a team that likes to laugh a lot. Trust your instincts. The Most High has given them to you for a reason. This includes avoiding doing business with those who you feel are unsavory as well as with friends and family if your gut tells you it's a bad idea. And lastly do what you are passionate about! If you don't do it because you love it and you enjoy it, then what are you doing it for at all? If you aren't passionate about it, your team won't be either. You must love it or else it won't love you back! Mix that all together and you will have a great recipe if you ask me!

(Read more about Skyyhook Radio at http://www.skyyhookradio.com and follow her on Twitter @SkyyhookRadio)

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