EGO ALERT: "I am the Problem, We are the Solution"

 by Robert Muhammad

The problems within the Black community are solvable. The first step to solving our problems is to take a good look in the mirror. When you do, you will realize like I did, that I am the problem. No, I am not saying that I am the sole source of abberative behavior in the Black community. What I am saying is that I, my and me in my vocabulary is the problem. Selfish, self centered, egotistical leadership is the problem. Too much "I, my and me" in our conversations; not enough "us, our and we."

"The I has subordinated the we" the Honorable Minister Farrakhan told me this past week. "Our differences have subordinated the cause" he added. Unless we think, speak and act for the whole, our leadership is nothing but vanity. Until we settle our differences, the cause or our permanent interest will never be addressed and we will continue to suffer.

Today, we must begin to think, speak and act for the whole. No individual can rise above the condition of his people. There must be men or groups of men advocating one common cause. We didn't get to America because one individual decided to enslave African for 310 years. Nor was the Native American's land stolen from them by one or two persons - it was men or a group of men advocating one common cause.

It is time to do for self. Leadership must stop using I, my and me but rather think, act and speak for us, our and we. Like Jesus, we must say "I can of myself do nothing." Submission to Allah our Creator and unity will turn you and I to the We. When that happens, then it will be Allah (God) acting through the We. 

(Robert Muhammad serves as the Student Southwest Regional Minister of the Nation of Islam. He is also an Urban Planner, and the host of Connect the Dots Radio show which airs Every Wednesday from 3-4pm CST on KPFT 90.1FM. Follow him on Twitter @DotsConnector)

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