First Heady D Dies Now Eric Sermon Suffers A Heart Attack?! Sigh....


According to my friend and fellow blogger Kim of "The Anti Blog", Hip-Hop legend Eric Sermon of EPMD suffered a heart attack on November 11. Kim is very close to the noted rap artists and wrote:
I just got off the phone with E and he said the Doctor told him his blood pressure was so high he was minutes from death. He wanted me to let everyone know he’s okay.  He’s recuperating in a Long Island hospital and will be there for a few days to have tests done.  He also told me to tell people to GET THEIR HEALTH CHECKED! Too many people are losing their lives and Black people are notorious for not getting regular checkups, please do so because your lives depend on it!
We're happy that Eric Sermon is okay. This all coming a few days after popular 44-year old artist Heavy D was pronounced dead; which shocked the entire world especially since he was just performing at the BET Hip-Hop awards a few weeks before. (video below) Prayers for the family of Heavy D and those he touched with his musical genius. His funeral will be held on November 18 at 11a.m. at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York. "The Overweight Lover In The Houwwwse!"

And here is one of my favorite Heavy D songs "Somebody For Me" 

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