Good Music Downloads: Dee-1 Presents "Uncle Tom!" [Official Video]; Immortal Technique Unleashes "The Martyr"

Early this year, Dee-1 of New Orleans dropped his mixtape "I Hope They Hear Me" (Vol. 2) and I'm honestly still listening to it in my i-pod. This is one of the few "new school" artists I even consider to be dropping relevant music. I'm no music critic or expert but it takes a lot to impress me. Hence, Dee-1 has been on my blog because I enjoy his music and his message. This is the official video from one of my favorite songs called "Uncle Tom." It's funny, but has a lot of truth in it. Check it out and download the entire mixtape here. 

Here's another piece of advice. Go and download Immortal Technique's latest release "The Martyr." It's free for downloading and its one of the BEST and most IMPORTANT revolutionary albums of the year. I'm really feeling the song "Civil War" featuring Brother Ali, Chuck D and Killer Mike. Check out that song and download the entire album by visiting www.ViperRecords.com. Immortal Technique is also on tour. Check the schedule. Thank you brother for your music and message!

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