Occupy Oakland shuts down the Port of Oakland; Police Not Too Happy, Huh?

On November 2, I was following the live tweets of noted journalist and activist Davey D as he delivered up-to-the-minute updates about the huge General Strike that took place in Oakland, California. From what he and others reported, the port was officially shut down. Yes, one of the busiest ports in the country was shut down by Occupy Oakland. Unfortunately, the peaceful protest soon turned into a violent clash with police officers according to some news reports. 

What caused this strike in the first place? According to a blog by Davey D he says, "What we’re dealing with is systemic and we should never lose sight of that..We should always remember, the that change we seek comes only when those at the bottom of the economic totem pole get economic parity. Anything less is a band-aid that’ll will eventually unravel and put us back on square one. It’s important as we seek change that we not become as heartless and unforgiving in our outlook and approach as the people and institutions we are protesting. Let our actions at today’s General Strike reflect a desire for long-lasting systemic change rooted in the love we have for our community and people. Also lets not forget this Saturday November 5th is Bank Transfer Day.. We taking our money out of these big banks and reinvesting it elsewhere.."

Interestingly, the violent actions by Oakland police comes on the heels of an interview that Minister Farrakhan did on October 25 on the Cliff Kelley Show. During a portion of that interview, Minister Farrakhan spoke about the Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread throughout the globe.

People are hurting and these young people are expressing themselves. At first in New York the police were very hard on them, and this is not the best approach," said Minister Farrakhan. "If it gets to the point where America gets tired of the protest of these young people and something happens—like what happened at Kent State, and young Americans are killed—I tell you, militias in this country that have been training for war against their own government will come out in the streets to protect these children and it's on."

“I told you before that what you saw overseas was coming to your door! And now it is here! And it will get worse! I pray that you will tell your police to be full of restraint. But when they are not, then be careful,” he warned.

Let's see that happens....

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