Taking Things For Granted: A Recent Valuable Dinner Experience

by Jesse Muhammad for HoustonBelief.com

This past week I had the opportunity to have dinner with a special group of individuals. The couple that hosted us is one that I have had great love, respect and admiration for over the past several years. Their service made us all feel like royalty and the wife cooked a meal that almost had me laid out on their couch for the rest of the evening. (smile) However, the food wasn’t the best part of the night. It was the fellowship and conversation.

One gentleman at the table was visiting from out of town along with his wife. He’d dare not say it of himself, but this man is one of the most brilliant and insightful individuals you would ever want to meet. For years all of us sitting at the table have held him in great esteem, whether it has been through his deeply spiritual writings, his no nonsense passion for what he believes in, his work ethic or his countless talks. He’s been speaking so long that most of us still listen to him on audio cassette tapes.

In the past, we would all be hanging on his every word, because we felt he was sincere in giving us all a greater insight into truths that we’re all seeking a greater understanding of. This time was no different, yet it was.

By the Grace of Allah (God), this man has survived several ‘near-death experiences.’ He presently “suffers” from Aphasia, a disorder resulting from a severe stroke he had a few years back. The Aphasia has impaired the part of his brain that controls speech and effects his ability to speak clearly at times to the point that his wife, who is so in tune with him, had to somewhat translate to us what he was attempting to communicate.


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