“All-American Muslim”: Boycott against Lowe’s brewing in the Tweets and Streets

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

It seems like Florida is good for giving birth to Islamic haters. First, we had Pastor Terry Jones who wanted to barbecue the Holy Qur’an and now the Florida Family Association is in the business of strong arming corporations into pulling ads from the show “All-American Muslim.”

Lowe's, the home improvement corporation, removed its ads after the Florida Family Association got their members to flood the inbox of the show’s advertisers. In a letter posted on their website, Dave Caton, executive director of the Florida Family Association, claims “We have NOTHING against Muslims. We just want to make sure that only American laws are enforced in America and that Islamic code or Sharia law does NOT change our way of life or diminish our liberty.” He further states “More people need to wake up to the fact that Islam and those who practice some of its deviant rules have been doing so for thousands of years and are a threat world wide including America.”

The show “All-American Muslim” is about five families from Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb in Detroit. The family association believes that “All-American Muslim” only portrays Muslims who are ordinary people and excludes Islamic extremists with the Sharia agendas.

This is nothing more than outright bigotry, hate and Islamophobia 101 at its finest.

Well, the boycott against Lowe’s has started. Hundreds reportedly gathered on December 17 outside one of the locations in Allen Park, Michigan to let their voices be heard. One of those present was Dawud Walid, spokesperson for CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) of Michigan.

In a recent blog regarding the issue, Walid wrote “The attack upon the TLC reality show “All-American Muslim” by anti-Muslims bigots is but part of an ongoing cultural war with the objective of marginalizing Muslims from popular culture relevance among our nation’s status quo, baby-boomer White Christians and their children.”

“If we sit back and allow the likes of [Pamella] Geller and the Florida Family Association to banish us from positive discussion within mainstream America, we’ll all be the losers, whether you like “All-American Muslim” or not. Watch the show, and encourage others to do the same is one way of pushing back against bigotry,” he said.

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has been blowing up his Twitter timeline with his disgust over the issue. “If we sit back and let corporations make hateful statements our 1st amendment rights will soon be at risk monday we join boycott," he tweeted. "families, politicians and community leaders boycotting you #Lowes? Simply do the right thing and apologize honestly to American Muslims."

Simmons and his Rush Card also bought out all of the remaining ad spots for “All-American Muslim” for the past week. Supporters are being asked to join in the campaign against Lowe's and any other advertiser who pulls their money from "All-American Muslims". An online petition has been launched as well.

Will Lowe's apologize? Let's see.

(Brother Jesse Muhammad is an award-winning blogger and a staff writer for The Final Call Newspaper. Follow Brother Jesse on Twitter @BrotherJesse)

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  1. Lowe's and its advertising team know the truth about Islam and Muslims. They are smart enough the history of Islam and its contribution to the world,no sincere and educated person who studies Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)could say he came to do away with Christianity and Judaism. Islam and Muslim are here to contribute to the cultural fabric of America. So Lowe's and a few others want to contain the positive image of Muslims and project its aberrations. Islam it self does not accept any aberrations in the Religion.


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