Classic Repost: Seek and Destroy All Lazy Men. Where is our sense of purpose?

The thin-skinned men please be advised before reading this. But the more I talk to former classmates, close friends, business associates and women, the more I find that the disease of LAZINESS has crippled us as men on this planet like never before. Where is our sense of purpose?

I had a man recently tell me that he spends most of his days playing video games and watching TV while his wife is working to pay the bills. He brags about being able to beat everyone in NBA Live or Call To Duty. What?

I had another one tell me that over these last 12 years since we've been out of high school, he has worked only at fast-food joints because he didn't want to finish college although he had a full scholarship. Plus he says there is no pressure to improve at his present job. What?

I had a female classmate tell me that she has had three children by a man who has a good paying job but he refuses to take care of his children. Instead he spends most of his money on taking trips, spending lavishly on others, and making sure he looks good in his Lexus. She works two jobs to pay for daycare. What?

Then there was a brother who told me he wants to own his own business one day, yet does not feel like putting in the work to build it up--so he chooses to go to his unhappy cubicle everyday at his corporate job. Plus he admitted that he is afraid of failing so he spends his spare time just going to night clubs when it could be used to fulfill his ideas. What?

Oh yeah and let me not forget my former co-worker who is 35-years-old and still stays with his single mother because she has a soft spot for him and won't kick him out although he's unemployed right now. He doesn't help her with the bills, uses her car until there is no gas in it, and won't even get up in the morning to take out the trash. What?

What about the community issues? We now think that all of a sudden our problems have been solved because we have a Black President, so many of us as men no longer want to operate youth programs, build institutions, stop sexual predators, stand up against injustices, lead an organization, support a cause or rid our 'hoods of crime. Instead we have become intellectual experts who only want to be skilled at 'barbershop sciencing' on what the problems are but yet won't put our hands to the plow to BE the change....we have even fell in love with gossip.

Where is our sense of purpose as men? Many of us fluently speak the language of 'swagger', 'grinding', 'hustling', or 'stacking paper', but at the end of the day many of us are not putting in real work to help ourselves and others.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad advises us in the book 'Message to the Blackman in America' that there is a refuge prayer that we should all recite at least seven times a day. Part of that prayer says 'Oh Allah (God) I seek Thy refuge from lack of strength and laziness'.

I have been reciting that prayer since I was a freshman in high school and I am now understanding why we have to seek refuge from laziness. It aborts one's ability to be a reflection of God (Who is not lazy) and the ability to exercise the innate powers that are within all of us. God says 'Be and It Is' and we can also. But 'Be and It Is' is not by chance but with mathematics...cause and effect.

So when I say 'Seek and Destroy All Lazy Men', I mean set fire to that mindset by acknowledging those men that are being a good example, executing plans, taking care of their responsibilities, encouraging one another, and leaving their mark by being men of purpose. 

Sisters you can help in this process as well by not taking care of lazy men and mothers PLEASE kick that lazy grown son out of your home. He will thank you later for it. Trust me. The elephants do it all the time.

Let's Eliminate Excuses.

(This blog by Brother Jesse Muhammad originally appeared on GlobalGrind.com)


  1. I understand your point of view, but does any of the lazy tendencies you mention have anything to do with whether a person enters the Kingdom of Heaven? You claim to be a community activist, but you have failed your community by not awaring them about Jules Manson and NDAA 2012. Knowledge provided on my tumblr. Google B-Bop/Souly Dolo or b-moreoriginal.

  2. Interestingly, I had a blog on this subject (NDAA) scheduled to be posted today. Hopefully, you saw it by now.

    As far as the "Kingdom of Heaven", name one Prophet of God who was lazy in his mission given to him by God. Read about "slothfulness" in the bible. The scripture says "Pick up your bed and walk."...Please don't mistake this blog as being judgmental. People who read my blogs know I'm always encouraging. Matter of fact, some of the persons I mentioned in this blog knew I was talking about them and they thanked me for writing it--without mentioning their names (smile). Steel sharpen steel. I need it too!

    As for you saying I'm "claiming" to be an "activist", I will just keep putting in work. Results beat rhetoric any day.

    Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate it.

  3. Are any of the people you mentioned in this particular blog mentioned as Prophets of God in the Holy Bible or Quran? As I stated the things you have mentioned don't have any bearings in reference to a person(s) salvation. The purpose of life is for one to dwell in Heaven with God. Any and everything besides that is secondary. Being lazy does mean that the person doesn't have faith.
    B-Bop/Souly Dolo

  4. That why it is said LAZY MEN are not accepted among the FOI

  5. Solid argument to laziness. Check out my angle on BFABP.com and please comment.


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