Losing Your Focus? Get Back to the Basics to Get the Knockout

In 2011 did you ever feel off your game? Sure, we all do sometimes but that doesn't mean we give up. The other day I was watching this footage of Mike Tyson training back in the day and it motivated this blog about the importance of not resting on our laurels once we reach a certain level of success in our chosen fields.

No matter how good we are right now there is always another level to reach. In this video you get to see what truly made Mike who he was: Hard Work, Constant Training, Focus and of course Self-Confidence. If you've stopped training, you might be headed down the road of stagnation. If so, make a "YOU-turn" now before you go into 2012. Stay sharp. Stay focused. Stay in the "ring" of life. Plateaus should only exist in history books....keep going!

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