The Lost Principles of Kwanzaa: Why are we still stuck on rituals?

by Brother Jesse Muhammad for HoustonBelief.com

All rituals have a principle that is to be extracted and applied, but sometimes the principles get lost, overlooked or outright ignored in the midst of us celebrating our respective “holidays” in the various religious sects. Being overly ritualistic does not make us more enlightened nor will it improve our depleted morality.

Plainly: If we’re not practicing what we’re preaching or living in accords with the essence of the rituals, then it’s all in vain; merely a feel good moment resulting in a hollow existence. Kwanzaa is no different.

When I first started attending Kwanzaa events back in high school, someone always expressed the importance of us practicing the Seven Principles the other 51 weeks of the year. They also stressed the importance of us not allowing the spirit and sense of family, community and culture die on the morning of January 2.

I believe these are principles we all strive for in some way no matter if we’re Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, or Non-Denominational. Lastly, when you’re headed down the highway to a destination you come across many signs telling you that your exit is a certain amount of miles or exits away. Do you stop at the sign? No, you keep going until you get to where the sign is pointing you ultimately to, right? Why are we still stuck on rituals? [Read the Full Blog]


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