Minister Louis Farrakhan arrives in Haiti during Caribbean Tour; Anniversary of 2010 earthquake nears

According to news reports, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his delegation arrived in Haiti on December 11 to start a five-day visit to the country that is still trying to rebuild nearly two years after it was rocked by a major earthquake. This trip comes right after Minister Farrakhan spent four days in Jamaica. That trip to the hometown of his parents concluded, according to tweets I read, with a live public speaking engagement at a hotel ballroom on Saturday Dec. 10. The message was aired live over the radio by Power 106-Jamaica. He also did an interview with "Smile Jamaica" on Television Jamaica on Dec. 7.

I don't know the details of his itinerary, but I'm sure Minister Farrakhan will be looking to see how the Nation of Islam can further assist the people. Under his direction, the Nation of Islam purchased a $120,000 Mobile Max Pure solar generator that purifies water in an effort to help our Haitian brothers and sisters gain access to clean water. Earlier this year, a NOI delegation went to Haiti to ensure that the system was installed and working properly. It is pumping and purifying an average of 30,000 gallons each day at a cost of less than one penny per gallon, according to the manufacturer.

Interestingly, fellow Chicago-based celebrity Oprah Winfrey arrived in Haiti the same day as Minister Farrakhan. She's reportedly on a separate trip for the next two days. In the past I've tweeted about how I find it strange that Oprah has interviewed just about everybody EXCEPT Minister Farrakhan. Well, maybe she will run into him in Haiti and talk to him about how they can work together to help our people there.

Will blog more about Minister Farrakhan's Caribbean Tour trip once I receive more information!

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