One-on-one with Twitter giant Ramel: "The purpose of life is to be useful."

(Blogger's Note: I met educator and singer Ramel Werner via Twitter over a year ago and his timeline is consistently positive. He recently won the 2011 Golden Twit Award in the music category. The Golden Twits is an annual award that aims to celebrate the most active and respected twitter users. Here's our one-on-one interview.)

Brother Jesse Muhammad (BJ): Growing up, what did you dream to become? 

Ramel Werner (RW): Growing up, I dreamed of being a professional basketball player, then later I thought of becoming an accountant, and then a singer. I got into teaching by accident. While studying for my CPA exam, I would substitute teach in the Chicago Public Schools. I was assigned to a school that required me to be with children challenged with behavior problems. I was intrigued by their “unrestricted honesty” and because of the quiet day they had with me, the principal asked if I could come back. I’ve been teaching at that same school for 16 years now.

BJ: Do you think you're living a purpose-driven life? 

RW: I got to admit that sometimes I don't like to think about the purpose of life. It can be too overwhelming at times. It puts the pressure on, making me wonder, "What am I doing? Am I really living the life I'm supposed to be living?" But since you’ve got me thinking about it now I’d say from my readings and studying of affirmations I do think the purpose of life is to be useful, responsible, honorable, and compassionate. In those terms, I’d say that’s what I strive for and what drives me on a continuous basis… On and off twitter!

BJ: What motivates you everyday? 

RW: A passionate desire for something pleasing, coupled with the avoidance of hurt creates the strongest motivation. These desires I speak of start with an alarm clock waking me up every morning and my goals toward them are what get me out of bed.

BJ: At what point did you recognize you had the gift of singing? What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

RW: I blame my family for being a lover of music, but it was my 8th grade graduation solo that sealed the deal. I would describe my music as my biography. I hope listeners take away the feeling that they are not alone in love, romance, and everyday life. Hopefully, I voiced a feeling they've had and maybe never were able to verbalize.

BJ: In your Twitter bio, you call yourself the "Mayor of Positivity." What is your aim when tweeting to your followers? 

RW: They say awareness changes everything, and only when you become aware can you change anything. My aim is to share things that are for the most part enlightening… Sharing these small pieces of positive information with large amounts of people has been a powerful opportunity and to my delight has afforded me the opportunity to meet like-minded people such as you. The Mayor part of it is just a play on the fact that I like the combination of foursquare and twitter.

BJ: What quote do you tweet that could sum up how you live your life?

RW: It’s actually a RT from @revrunwisdom that says “Imagine if all your words for the past 24 hours had been recorded, would you be proud? What comes out of your mouth reveals who you are.” – Joyce Meyers.

BJ: Thank you and continued success to you! 

(Follow Ramel on Twitter @ItsRamel)


  1. ASA Brother Jesse,

    Awesome interview! Thank you for sharing. Will certainly follow Ramel.

    Sister Ebony

  2. Ramel is an awesome father, motivator, educator and encourager. Thank you, Bro. Jesse for sharing this interview.

    Frances Williams

  3. This is really nice I should use twitter more congratulations

  4. What a wonderful man, and a great conduit of positive energy.


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