Photos: Haitian President Michel Martelly welcomes Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam delegation

I know what you're saying, "Man, Brother Jesse Blog is 'All-Farrakhan-Everything' these days." LOL! Well, if you've been an avid reader of my blog for the past years you already know I (we) love Farrakhan. Plus the recent trip he's taking RIGHT NOW in Haiti is so important in the post-earthquake rebuilding efforts. I didn't know until now that this is Minister Farrakhan's first time there and it's right on time. As soon as he landed he shared the purpose of his trip in a press conference at the airport. I also read that Oprah Winfrey, Bill Stiller, and Kim Kardashian were also in Haiti this past week on their own separate trips.

In searching Facebook, we found photos posted by Pres. Martelly of his meeting with Min. Farrakhan and Nation of Islam delegation. In the photos you can see Haitian-born music star Wyclef Jean was present as well as the hard working Joshua Farrakhan, NOI Student Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan, and NOI International Rep. Akbar Muhammad. What was discussed at this meeting? I have no idea but I'm sure it was productive. To view all of the photos on Pres. Martelly's Facebook page go to CLICK HERE.

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  1. All praise is due to Allah, I had visited the resturant on numerous occasions (everyday for lunch) the food was terrific, the highest point of my visit there was when I met the Hornable Minister Farrakhan in person on my birthday,I told him how beautiful the restaurant was, and I would be attending the Million Man March........I'm so thankful the resturant is reopening, please visit ... the upstairs dinning facility is amazingly beautiful fit for kings an queens.

  2. Minister Farrakhan thank you for your great work that you are doing in tbe name of Allah, I/ we know it's not an easy task waking up the dry bones in the valley, there is so much going on in this word an I thank you for sounding the alarm, I wish the people would wake up an realize you are from God almighty, do there research read for them selves of this wicked demon while the information is still available.


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