[Video Premiere] Songstress Akilah Nehanda Muhammad releases "Best in the World"

Pay attention because this could be the next Grammy nominated music artist in the coming years. She has a beautiful voice, a magnetic personality and a smile that will win you over within seconds. She is focused. She is determined to be the best. Her name is Akilah Nehanda Muhammad and she’s a Muslim songstress striving to set a new standard in the music industry. “Best in the World” is her first music video and it’s sure to be a hit. In one part of the song she says "Truth is what we need/How else will we ever grow?/It's not about how you look/It's really about what you know."

Filmed at Howard University, the school where Akilah is a senior, the video is packaged with great vocals, a grooving beat, modesty, unity on the yard and just plain fun! I will be doing an extensive one-on-one interview with Akilah soon but until then, click below to watch the premiere of “Best in the World.” Congrats Akilah! I’m proud of you niece.