Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's book sales skyrocket after pointing finger in President Obama's face

Some say Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was totally out of line for putting her finger in President Obama's face as they had a conversation on Wednesday, January 25 at her state's airport during the president's post-State of the Union tour stop. Well, the "point heard 'round the world" may have been bad manners, but heck it certainly didn't hurt her books sales. The book she wrote "Scorpions for Breakfast" is said to have aspects inside that Obama is displeased with, thus the heated conversation. According to Amazon.com, Gov. Brewer's book went from being ranked 311,472nd (pre-fingerpointing) to now 14th by late evening Thursday and rising. Who needs a publicist, huh? She even called him "very thin-skinned." Was this really shocking to you at all? Not me. He's been disrespected the second he walked into the Oval Office. If Obama had pointed back I wonder what they would've have said about him. Who knows. Maybe instead of singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together", the president needs to start harmonizing like Aretha Franklin: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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