Dallas Activists: Time to close disrespectful businesses and create Do for Self opportunity in Black neighborhoods

(Photos courtesy of the Don't Stop Don't Shop Facebook Page)

This is exactly the type of action the Black community needs to take in 2012. Let's eliminate all disrespectful businesses in our communities and open up our own! Protest has begun in front of a South Dallas convenient store and gas station on MLK Blvd with the intent of putting that store, along with the overall South Dallas business community, on notice that their community will no longer be disrespected.

According to The Final Call Newspaper report:
There is a movement brewing here to close businesses that disrespect, mistreat and price gouge the Black community as organizers use equal energy to pool resources and launch new businesses under an effort called “Stop Don’t Shop.”

The spark that ignited the effort and spawned a united front among religious, community and political leaders was an early December incident involving Jeffery Muhammad, the Dallas representative of the Nation of Islam. The student minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 48 said he was told “go back to Africa,” called a “monkey,” “slave,” and a “broke a-- n----r by an Asian gas store owner, following a confrontation that began with questions about minimum purchase requirements imposed by the station owner.

Noting the gas station’s prices were about 30 cent higher per gallon than stations outside the Black community, Mr. Muhammad wanted to make a small purchase. Questioning the owner ignited a confrontation that included insults and threats, Mr. Muhammad said. Within days came a tidal wave of support and community mobilization angered by the actions of operators of the Diamond Shamrock gas station in South Dallas. The NAACP, city officials, Christian clergy, Pan Africanists, community leaders, and ordinary people gathered for a Dec. 21 press conference near the station. [Read The Full Article]
How can you help? Please donate some of your time by joining them on the front lines at the Diamond Shamrock/Kwik Stop located at 1909 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75215 Monday – Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Become a fan of the Facebook page!

If you live in the Dallas area, join this movement! In the words of Public Enemy "Shut'em Down!"


  1. we need to do this nationwide...sometimes its not just the words but how they price merchandise in our neighborhoods, putting up one way barriers, the lack of quality products,and many other issues that go on in stores in our neighborhood.

  2. This is what its all about! SHUT'EM DOWN AND BUILD OUR OWN!! Hell yeah!

  3. Peace and Blessings Family I love what y'all are doing I'm in Nashville TN but how can I help what can I do! As the Minister of Information with Black Unity we have succeed doing that here in Nashville, TN shutting down a store like yours and the Members of our group would love to help y'all strike a meaningful Blow! Your NOT alone so whatever we can do to help you we are here! Do it to the enemy! Are y'all having people call the store and shut down their ability to used the phone BC we can tie up the line with calls and if you want we can hit the suppliers and pressure them to making a meaningful statement of support for our cause! Again we are here with you we support Y'all and love Y'all!

  4. thanks for being proactive

  5. If this one is shut down, who will own the next store in its place? Will it be the brother of the previous owner? Maybe another blood sucker. Put our "own" store their to replace this one.

  6. Replacing these businesses with our own is definitely the goal!

  7. Need to hear the both side of stories. I heard that the black dude also said some racist words.

  8. Sounds exaggerated. I highly doubt the store owner was instantly racist without being insulted first. The store owner probably speaks broken English, but is accused of using modern insults such as "broke ass nigger"? And without provocation? If you don't like the prices, go somewhere else, but don't make this a crusade for "your people". Let the free market decide the prices and stop trying to legitimize your side of the story by dragging other people into it. You embarrass your community by making them look like entitled babies.

    If that store closes and moves away, do you really think a "black owned" store will provide better service and prices? If so, why arent there more of them? Because black people with enough money to set up a similar business move away from those areas as soon as they can, and only hard working immigrants from 3rd world countries are willing to deal with those areas.

    If you want change, get out there and improve your own community by raising the standard of living, or move to a better area, instead of always pulling the race card.

  9. You guys got is all wrong and twisted. The owner is a U.S. military veteran of the U.S. National Guard. In fact, one of his friends who frequents the store is black and served with him in the military. Get your facts straight. The peolpe in the community shopped here with no problems. If you start a fight, you get a fight.

  10. "The customer, complaining that the price of gas at the station was much higher than at other stations, demanded he be able to buy gas by smaller amounts than what the owner set as the minimum sales unit. The owner refused and told him to go to another station, to which the customer responded by telling the owner to go back to his country. The owner responded by telling the customer to go back to Africa."

    Oh.. Wait

    *"Go back to your country!" = Perfectly fine. He's just a slanty-eyed chink, after all. He deserves it.

    *"Go back to Africa!" = WHAT?! WHAT DID HE SAY?! RACIST!! RACIST!

  11. A Korean did not insult a black pastor. He is a Japanese. The rumor is wrong. The Japanese insulted the black pastor. Koreans do not make such a remark absolute. Please remember the Second World War. The report is wrong. We should hate Japanese people. It says once again. The Japanese made the discriminatory remark. Information is wrong.

  12. The man is clearly Korean. The Korean American Coalition said this:
    "A new group has formed in South Dallas called “Don’t Stop, Don’t Shop” or “Stop Don't Shop," which has protested in front of the Korean-owned MLK Boulevard Diamond Shamrock and Kwik Stop store since December 26, 2011."


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