Making the headlines of AllHipHop.com with Common vs Drake beef article....I mean battle (smile)

It looks as if the "Hip-Hop Gods" have a few choice words for me in regards to my blog "Common vs Drake: Hip-Hop beef needs a funeral and a proper burial." A huge thank you to AllHipHop.com, one of the few websites that I read daily, for posting the article in their headlines on Monday. It sparked an interesting dialogue about the difference between beef and a rap battle. I don't agree that this is a true Hip-Hop battle but I won't get back on my soapbox! But check out these comments @ http://allhiphop.com/2012/01/09/common-vs-drake-hip-hop-beef-needs-a-funeral-and-a-proper-burial/

Also, a huge thank you to legendary Hip-Hop journalist Davey D for posting it on his site (link) as well as GlobalGrind.com (link). I don't take things for granted and I know they didn't have to post it. Much respect.


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