New Music: Chicago rapper Add-2 releases intense message in video "Cotton Fields"

I know what you're thinking: Brother Jesse sure is talking about Chicago rappers alot these days. First, I did a blog about this Common vs Drake beef/battle (depending on who you ask) and then I posted Avian Nalej's video "LORD KNOWS Freestyle."

Well, Brother Abel Muhammad, who resides in the Windy City, sent me this video "Cotton Fields" via Facebook. The rapper's name is Add-2 and yes he's from Chicago as well. After watching it I had to post it because....you gotta see it for yourself! Also, I went and listened to a few of his other songs on his website and I'm impressed with his skills. Looks like I'm late finding out about him! I will be on the look out for his album "Save Our Souls" when it drops. Until then, much respect to him for this video. I plan to show it to some boys that I mentor and see what they think about it.