New Music: Chicago rapper Add-2 releases intense message in video "Cotton Fields"

I know what you're thinking: Brother Jesse sure is talking about Chicago rappers alot these days. First, I did a blog about this Common vs Drake beef/battle (depending on who you ask) and then I posted Avian Nalej's video "LORD KNOWS Freestyle."

Well, Brother Abel Muhammad, who resides in the Windy City, sent me this video "Cotton Fields" via Facebook. The rapper's name is Add-2 and yes he's from Chicago as well. After watching it I had to post it because....you gotta see it for yourself! Also, I went and listened to a few of his other songs on his website and I'm impressed with his skills. Looks like I'm late finding out about him! I will be on the look out for his album "Save Our Souls" when it drops. Until then, much respect to him for this video. I plan to show it to some boys that I mentor and see what they think about it.


  1. My thoughts are..... Wow! I felt that one in my soul.. The quality of the lyrics, video storyline and actors.. The New face of young white America who have knowledge of the atrocities their own forefathers, committed against our people.. And of course having the voice of Minister Farrakhan in the song only seals the message.. Great Song.. And Great post.

  2. This young brother is gifted. I got chills watching that video and hearing that song. I havent seen something that powerful from hip hop in a very long time. Like they say the kids just might be alright if these are the new leaders


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