New Music: Chicago's Avian Nalej "LORD KNOWS" Freestyle

"If you want instant gratification, then forget about success." --Avian Nalej via Twitter

You all know I don't highlight many music artists on my blog, however, I would like to present someone that I will be keeping my eye on for the next few years. If, ahem, when he blows up, remember you read about him here on Brother Jesse Blog. (smile)

Chicago native Joshua Muhammad a.k.a Avian Nalej (A-VEE-IN Knowledge) is said to be an emcee representing the new generation of Hip-Hop among artists like Kendrick Lamar, Wale, J. Cole, B.O.B., and Lupe Fiasco. His name means "Higher Learning" and represents the desire to have a higher level of thinking and lifestyle. If you read my latest blog on Hip-Hop beef, then you will agree that the genre definitely needs some more elevation.

Avian is focused on making music that is socially conscious and culturally appealing. A few weeks ago I saw him perform live at Mosque Maryam in the Windy City via the weekly Sunday webcast and I was impressed. I recently received his latest video "LORD KNOWS" Freestyle. He is definitely one to watch in 2012. Check out the video below and keep up with his progression @ www.aviannalejsocial.com.

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