The 12 Commandments of Activism: "Thou Shalt Not Compromise Thy Character"

My older sibling Deric Muhammad is definitely no stranger to activism in the streets. I've personally witnessed his works. In an interview with Hurt 2 Healing Magazine, he broke down the 12 Commandments of Activism.

I. THOU SHALT NOT COMPROMISE THE TRUTH: As an activist your best friend is THE TRUTH. Never abandon your best friend and your best friend will never abandon you. The universe is built on truth, and as long as you speak and stand on truth you have the support of immutable universal laws that reign supreme over all other laws.

II. THOU SHALT MAINTAIN THY SINCERITY: Most activists, like politicians, start out sincere and end up being corrupted by vanity and the intoxicating effect of power and popularity. Sincerity must be protected by constantly reminding yourself that the people you serve are greater than yourself. Your Power to be effective and attractive will be found in your sincerity. For power is given to man for only one purpose, and that is to SERVE OTHERS.

III. THOU SHALT NOT COMPROMISE THY CHARACTER: Never compromise righteous principles for the attainment of personal goals or otherwise. Fight like hell to maintain your character, because if your voice becomes one of influence YOU WILL BE TESTED.

IV. THOU SHALT NOT SPEAK WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS: If you wish to become an accomplished advocate of your people, you must be willing to STUDY. Do not be so quick to jump into a battle without knowledge of the facts. This takes great discipline and it takes patience, because activists like to get “active.” However, if you go to war as an uninformed warrior you will not be effective. And if we are not being effective, we may as well stay home. I cannot stress enough the importance of study.

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