52 Straight Weeks! Black Justice Tuesday to mark one year anniversary of call to end police terrorism and brutality in Houston

(Press Release) Join the Black Justice Tuesday Coalition (BJTC) on Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 at 12noon at the Harris County Court House 1201 Franklin, Houston, Texas, for the one year anniversary of our protest to end police terrorism and brutality in Houston, Texas. The BJTC calls on all organizations, groups and freedom and justice loving people to attend this protest in a show of solidarity.

Since the release of the infamous Chad Holley video beating in February of 2011 the BJTC has maintained a weekly protest at Houston City Hall or the Harris County Court House. The BJTC has demonstrated tremendous resolve through heat, cold and rain to maintain this protest for 52 consecutive weeks. The New Black Panther Party, The National Black United Front, victims of police terrorism and other community organizations have been steadfast on ending once and for all police brutality in Houston. The Chad Holley case follows a long line of victims including: Bobby Joe Connor, Jose Campos Torres, Carl Hampton, Pedro Orregon, Ida Delaney, Byron Gillum, Robbie Tolan and Anthony Childress who have been murdered, shot or brutalized by Harris County area law enforcement agencies.

The major change the BJTC has called for is the Creation of a Civilian Review Board with subpoena power, proper funding and prosecutorial power. This board should be constructed and appointed through a democratic process of the people. For More Information Contact: Black Justice Tuesday Coalition (BJTC) 713-261-3558 ###

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