9/11: What Really Happened & Why? - Topic to be addressed at Saviours' Day 2012 Convention

(FinalCall.com) - Word is spreading globally regarding the major plenary session scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 25 titled "9/11: What Really Happened and Why?"

"9/11 is so important and what happened and what were the forces that were arranged for that thing to take place that allowed for everything in these last ten years of the American government's national and international policies to be reshaped? It is all based upon this attack on 9/11," said Ishmael R. Muhammad.

Despite movies like "Third Jihad" being shown to law enforcement officials, and Islamophobe Rep. Peter King's hearings focused on "radicalized Muslims," a recent report by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security found the terrorist threat presented from Muslims to be miniscule.

The plenary session, hosted by Southwestern Regional Representative of the Nation of Islam Robert Muhammad, will separate fact from fiction answering tough questions such as: "Was 9/11 an inside job?" and "Does America have a history of false flag operations?" [Read the full story]

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